Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Then End, The Start ...

The End of the Chapter is approaching when reached the time to start the next chapter is necessary. Someone will re-read the chapter instead of continue mostly cause of fear. Fear of the unknown in the next page, fear of the change and fear of the loss. But dont forget it is the unknown which make the book interesting and exciting, and the same goes for the changes. All the changes are not a bad thing, sometime changes are necessary to make the story even better and fill out the book. To lose is sometime heartbroken but nothing is everlasting. If you can gain then you can lose, this is the natural lapse in the life.

Believe me, if you don't continue you will regret how much you have missed: the good part, the sad part, the happy part, the bad part etc. All those parts together is the heart of the book because of that you still need to continue to the end and dont stop middle in the story. Why start to read a book if you will not read it to the end? If you start it then you shall end it. Dont make yourself repent. Continue where you stopped.

I think it is time for me to turn to the next page too. Can it be that we are reading the same book? Regardless of the answer I hope we can meet and summarize the book for each other someday, someday in the future. ^^

Friday, July 2, 2010


A poem that came up in my mind last night. Dont give up even there is a problem. So long you dont give up anything will be possible. Enjoy. ^^

Distance so far,
but their hearts so close.
She will still hope.
He will keep up,
the promise to meet.
Nothing will be impossible
so long you have
strong bond
and belief.
The distance will be shorter,
their hearts will be even closer.
The couple who looks at the same sky.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Result of Love Questions

It feels like ages ago I asked those questions but now it is time to post the result. The results are not 100% true because number of participants are very low. It is up to yourself to take conclusion. :)

Question 1
"If u are in love with someone, who already is together with someone, but u dont know it. What will you do?"

A) You want that someone to hide the true from you.
B) You want to know the true.

9.1% chose A
90.9% chose B

Comments from participants:

  • How about a C? Where you hint to the other person you want to know the truth and that you will be only mad about it for a short period and you will still be friends with that person.
  • Even when you know that he/she already have someone...you might as well dont trust it as you have been in love with him/her. Or you might hoping that it's not true.
  • It is better to find out from the person that you like, then to get involved with them even more and find at later. Either way it will hurt, but knowing before you are in love with them is a lot easier and doesn't leave as many permanent scars.
  • I would pick C. It is better to be hurt earlier on rather than being hurt of being told a lie. Especially after you spent quite a long time with that person. Well, it still depends on that person if she or he isn't too selfish and not to let the special someone go.

Question 2
"Person B is in love with You (your bf/gf), without knowing that you (your bf/gf) are in relationship. How will you do? (Will your option be different if person B is a friend or if B is unknown?)"

A) You hide it from B.
B) You tell B the true.

40% chose A
60% chose B

Comments from participants

  • If you are in a relationship and someone likes you, then you should be honest with them and let them know that you are in a relationship and that their feels toward you should stop. And if they can't maintain a platonic friendship with you then you will no longer be able to be friends. I would also let my partner know so there is no misunderstanding in the future if things should get back to them.
  • I'd tell person B the truth. Don't see the point in hiding it unless you wanna cheat with B...which is the worst option in my opinion..

That is all. I hope you will find your own decision. See you again next time. :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back Alive!

Hi Everyone!

I am finally back, alive, after a long study season. :D
Hmm.................hahahahaha....it looks like my head is still busy.....hahahaaha
Anyway, my long awaited Summer Holiday is soon HERE!!! XDD
But still need to wait for about 2-3 more weeks. :(

My head is full of stress....a typical sign: vapidness. I were totally absent although I were talking.
I think i need to rest....I NEED THE VACATION!!!

OK, please come back later..maybe I will be in better state! hahaha

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Lost Cat(?)

Today's morning was all nice, shinny but snowy, but still okey. I got myself up and went (travelled by train and bus) to school (skiped 3 days last week for homestudy..but ...nvm). I was cleared in mind to focus on my project work, and I did work most of the time ^^. Outside? Still snowing, storm again?

Exactly 5pm I went to the bus stop outside my school. Something was wrong! The bus didn't show up after 30minutes. Heard from other travellers that all buses were cancelled. :((
"If you want to go home, you got to walk." So I walked to travel centre, since I seldom walk the path between school and the station, I went a detour -_-; and lost 15 minutes of my time. I were and still am thankful for those who put up those way signs, otherwise I would be lost a longer time.

After about 1 hour from the time I started from school I finally reached the travelcentre. So lucky the trains were not cancelled like last week and I was 2 minutes there before the train came. ^^

So totally I was late home for about 1 hour (45 minutes walk + 15 minutes detour).

Hurray for the waysigns!
Hurray that I got the information about the disposed tours!
Hurray that I didn't misheard about the cancelled tours! ( which probably would decrease my mood -_-)
Hurray that I was in time for the train!
Hurray that the trains weren't cancelled !

Hahahaaha.. You can say I was having luck in unluck! XD
(hope the tours will be normal, tomorrow)

Thanks for passing by, See you again ^^/´

Neko's Love Talk #1

Notice: the #1 doesn't mean this is the number one post, instead it indicates my first talk about love. All statements and informations in this post is all my own suggestions and thoughts, due to my low experience of this subject it will be uncorrectly. Take this as a reference or just a joke :P

This post is about love as love in relationship, that is to say couple in love :P

According to wikipedia and my earlier post, "Love, the lovely sky", is today topic about: "love refers to a deep, ineffable feeling of tenderly caring for another person....romantic love..."

If you aren't first time visitor so have you probably already notice the question I had put up earlier. The question was: "Is it ok to say: I love you, a friend". The answers you could choose were: "Yes, if you add my friend after", "Yes" and "NO".

The results of the question was 50% each on those two first answers, since it was few visitors whom voted you can't really take this result seriously. But interpretation of this question means people dont care if it will be a missunderstanding for the receiver or not by say this word. Or they are just confidence about receivers' interpretation.

To make a strong relationship the most important things are: love and trust. You must love each other to protect and keep up the relationship. The more you love each other the more stronger it will be, of course this must be mutual. A romantic relationship is like a teamwork, you have to cooperate and create a balanced in it.
Trust is also important in teamwork as in a relationship. Without trust the relationship will wear down. Trust will give confidence and to protect your relationship you must have confidence on it. Having confidence is good but it will be even greater if you can give confidence to your soulmate, in this way your will be have a strong and long-standing relationship. ^^

I have some question about relationship and love. I have already put up the question of it in facebook. What the question is and the result will be post here later (of course in facebook too).

Maybe you will wonder why am I so interest at this topic. It may just be by pure curiosity or maybe I want to prepare myself. By the way I think love is a big and interesting topic for everyone, isn't it? ;)

See you next time and thanks for passing by. ^^/"

Monday, February 15, 2010

Neko's boring day ~_~ *yawn*

What a blessing weather, nice and not really full sun but still okey. I am taking a break from school today :P (it is new year XD....ok it is just an excuse to cut class...please dont follow this, chidren! ;P ) Anyway it is plan to be a playing day, waaahh floing >.<.....but unfortunately the internet problem and later mother want the pc :(
So after browsing around in the big big cyber world and facebook, I ended here. Hahahaha I am going to share my boredom with you, muwahahahaha ....(hmm how to make a evil emotion...hmm???)

By the way how did everyone have it yesterday, in the Valentine's Day and maybe for some of you, the New Year celebration? How was mine? haha the New Year celebration here, i am a chinese but is living in Europe, was like usually. Many delicious dishes and vegeterian foods too XD. Vegeterian curry with rice was and is still GREAT ^^.

The Valentine's day, yea..a day for awareness of that you are single ~.~, hahaha but I did take it easy like always and a bit happier becuase it was New Year at the same time. ^^

All my brooding was away on that day but first after had thinking about it in the night before the day. It was and is so nice to have a solution, a decision. I will return to be myself and feel happy everyday ....hahaha that was what I had decided.

Hey know what, if you just laugh a few minutes afterward you will be laughing for real. I had test it and the opposite by an accident. Hahahahaha...I am not crazy, am I. HAhahaha I like the words that I said yesterday, and I want to share it with you.

"Be happy by think happy, then feel Happy!"

Thanks for passing by, now time to floing again XDDD

Monday, February 8, 2010

Love, the lovely sky

The sky is so lovely today, and is the perfect timing to talk about love since the valentine's day is approaching. So what is "LOVE"? According to Wikipedia: "The word love can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes....This diversity of uses and meanings, combined with the compleity of the feelings involved, makes love unusually difficult to consistenlty define....As an abstract concept, love usually refers to a deep, ineffable feeling of tenderly caring for another person...."

That word really mean alot since the valentine's day is soon here, why not express your love to the people you care? You maybe have thinking of some people (friends, family or the certain one). Just thinking is not enough, if not you can telepathy or the person that you are thinking of can read your mind, else it is time to show your care for them. For those who is chinese, the 14th february, is also the Chinese New Year (the 4706th, 4707th or 4646th Chinese New Year, depending on the epoch used, according to Wikipedia_CNY), an other reason to show your love. ^^
Maybe I shall give a call to my friends too. ^^

But you dont need to wait until a special holiday to show people your love and care. You can do it every day if you want. I have heard a statement from somewhere, "love is a powerful..eh..."weapon" (?)....that even can turn enemies to friends, evil to good..."

Maybe we will not have any war in the world if everyone know how to use "love". ^^

So dont think to much now. Be brave and show your love! Do you feel the power of love?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Welcome EveryOne ^^

Hi and welcome to my blog!
I am new here...and will not create a blog if is not to follow my friend(s)' blog -_-'
But it dont mean I will be unserious ...ok maybe many nonsense talk...still I wont let it be a bad one ^^.

The blog's name "Neko no sora"....my friend helped me with it..the japanese...the sky of the cat :P.....hehehe....nah..I dont know what it mean..beside: neko = cat (my nick in florensia online)...and sora=sky.
My first two name's idea were "neko neko" and "the cloudy sky" and here I have gotten the combination of those both...so happy :P

Sorry for the bad english..but I will try my best. Hope you will like it and be back soon. By the way dont forget to take a visit in my friends' blogs too...they are good one ^^

welcome back and see you soon. XD