Saturday, February 6, 2010

Welcome EveryOne ^^

Hi and welcome to my blog!
I am new here...and will not create a blog if is not to follow my friend(s)' blog -_-'
But it dont mean I will be unserious ...ok maybe many nonsense talk...still I wont let it be a bad one ^^.

The blog's name "Neko no sora" friend helped me with it..the japanese...the sky of the cat :P.....hehehe....nah..I dont know what it mean..beside: neko = cat (my nick in florensia online)...and sora=sky.
My first two name's idea were "neko neko" and "the cloudy sky" and here I have gotten the combination of those happy :P

Sorry for the bad english..but I will try my best. Hope you will like it and be back soon. By the way dont forget to take a visit in my friends' blogs too...they are good one ^^

welcome back and see you soon. XD


  1. rofl! funny.u said nothing too write.but its like u talk quite much here..x)!

  2. XD....yea...i like to talk nonsense stuff :P

  3. the other blog o.o??
    ah the accident one...hahaha...i deleted it :P

  4. lol...i made a blog but its also just an accident