Monday, March 1, 2010

The Lost Cat(?)

Today's morning was all nice, shinny but snowy, but still okey. I got myself up and went (travelled by train and bus) to school (skiped 3 days last week for homestudy..but ...nvm). I was cleared in mind to focus on my project work, and I did work most of the time ^^. Outside? Still snowing, storm again?

Exactly 5pm I went to the bus stop outside my school. Something was wrong! The bus didn't show up after 30minutes. Heard from other travellers that all buses were cancelled. :((
"If you want to go home, you got to walk." So I walked to travel centre, since I seldom walk the path between school and the station, I went a detour -_-; and lost 15 minutes of my time. I were and still am thankful for those who put up those way signs, otherwise I would be lost a longer time.

After about 1 hour from the time I started from school I finally reached the travelcentre. So lucky the trains were not cancelled like last week and I was 2 minutes there before the train came. ^^

So totally I was late home for about 1 hour (45 minutes walk + 15 minutes detour).

Hurray for the waysigns!
Hurray that I got the information about the disposed tours!
Hurray that I didn't misheard about the cancelled tours! ( which probably would decrease my mood -_-)
Hurray that I was in time for the train!
Hurray that the trains weren't cancelled !

Hahahaaha.. You can say I was having luck in unluck! XD
(hope the tours will be normal, tomorrow)

Thanks for passing by, See you again ^^/´

Neko's Love Talk #1

Notice: the #1 doesn't mean this is the number one post, instead it indicates my first talk about love. All statements and informations in this post is all my own suggestions and thoughts, due to my low experience of this subject it will be uncorrectly. Take this as a reference or just a joke :P

This post is about love as love in relationship, that is to say couple in love :P

According to wikipedia and my earlier post, "Love, the lovely sky", is today topic about: "love refers to a deep, ineffable feeling of tenderly caring for another person....romantic love..."

If you aren't first time visitor so have you probably already notice the question I had put up earlier. The question was: "Is it ok to say: I love you, a friend". The answers you could choose were: "Yes, if you add my friend after", "Yes" and "NO".

The results of the question was 50% each on those two first answers, since it was few visitors whom voted you can't really take this result seriously. But interpretation of this question means people dont care if it will be a missunderstanding for the receiver or not by say this word. Or they are just confidence about receivers' interpretation.

To make a strong relationship the most important things are: love and trust. You must love each other to protect and keep up the relationship. The more you love each other the more stronger it will be, of course this must be mutual. A romantic relationship is like a teamwork, you have to cooperate and create a balanced in it.
Trust is also important in teamwork as in a relationship. Without trust the relationship will wear down. Trust will give confidence and to protect your relationship you must have confidence on it. Having confidence is good but it will be even greater if you can give confidence to your soulmate, in this way your will be have a strong and long-standing relationship. ^^

I have some question about relationship and love. I have already put up the question of it in facebook. What the question is and the result will be post here later (of course in facebook too).

Maybe you will wonder why am I so interest at this topic. It may just be by pure curiosity or maybe I want to prepare myself. By the way I think love is a big and interesting topic for everyone, isn't it? ;)

See you next time and thanks for passing by. ^^/"