Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Then End, The Start ...

The End of the Chapter is approaching when reached the time to start the next chapter is necessary. Someone will re-read the chapter instead of continue mostly cause of fear. Fear of the unknown in the next page, fear of the change and fear of the loss. But dont forget it is the unknown which make the book interesting and exciting, and the same goes for the changes. All the changes are not a bad thing, sometime changes are necessary to make the story even better and fill out the book. To lose is sometime heartbroken but nothing is everlasting. If you can gain then you can lose, this is the natural lapse in the life.

Believe me, if you don't continue you will regret how much you have missed: the good part, the sad part, the happy part, the bad part etc. All those parts together is the heart of the book because of that you still need to continue to the end and dont stop middle in the story. Why start to read a book if you will not read it to the end? If you start it then you shall end it. Dont make yourself repent. Continue where you stopped.

I think it is time for me to turn to the next page too. Can it be that we are reading the same book? Regardless of the answer I hope we can meet and summarize the book for each other someday, someday in the future. ^^