Monday, April 25, 2011

Summer Town, Västervik

2 days ago I went to Västervik together with my family and friends. I am happy that I didn't turn down the offer to travel there. The town is very beautiful and our hosts are very nice too. I really enjoy the visit there but one thing I regretted was: I forgot to bring my fishing rod with me.

Our hosts there told us that this town is a Summer Town. It will have alot more people, both swedish and foreigners, during summer and on other season the town is back to sleep. Wonder how this wonderful town will be look like on other season?

Here are some photoes to share of Västervik. The sea is, the Baltic Sea. Hope you will enjoy it too. ^^

Friday, April 22, 2011

Guten Appetit!

Last week, mother day(?), me and my brothers cooked dinner together to celebrate Mother's day. Three dishes: first dish, main dish and dessert. It took us about 6 hours to make all those dishes ~.~;;

First Dish: Early Spring Wraps (i. e. normal ham and salad wraps)

Commend: Easy to make and turned out to be really tasty.

Main Dish: Chicken runner (Chicken Schnitzel) inbeeded with cheese and ham together with owen potatoes and salad)

Commend: A little failure with this dish. Fried the chicken to long and it became to dry. Should have fried some minutes to get the colour then but them to the owen to finish it.

Dessert: Volcano cake with With Moon ("Wannabe" Banana Crepes and Ice cold Vanilia Ice Cream)

Commend: Misstake with Wannabe crepes, made it to thick and hard, otherwise was it tasty to combinate warm crepes with ice cream.