Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mata ne, Florensia

After haven't been online on Florensia (a mmorpg game) for long time, it is finally time to say: Goodbye. Time to uninstall the game, the reinstallation of the pc is unavoidable. >_< This game had given me a bunch of great friends and wonderful memories. When the time comes then it comes. But I will not say that I am quitting the game, I will only claim that I will take a looong break from it. (Never know when you want to play it again. :p) Anyway even if the game die the memory will still live on. Mata ne (japanese for "see you later"), my friends! ;) The following below is a part of those memories of the game. For those whose is curious. :)

All started about 2 years ago during Summer vacation 2009. I and my brother were looking for a new online game to play. Among those games we searched on google; the game, Florensia, had a difference which attracted me: the sea battle. x)

After about 1 week then my first character was about level 18. I went to the 2nd game field (sadly I had forgotten the name). I received a party invitation there and accepted ( I was super bored by grinding Boarheads). The party contents two other members, the party leader (a noble) and another explorer named Shioru29. After had killed a boss the leader went back to town to turn in the quest but of course it ended that he left the party without a word. (Common thing in the mostly of online games ><). I and Shio didn't leave the party (not that we didn't know how to leave party, like someone claimed, we were just lazy to leave) so we went to the cave, Fox Den, in that area. When I got inside the cave the only one I could see was a female mercenary, Lackycyber. (Notice that Shio got disconnected, she was our DC-queen :P) I got a feeling that I should invite this mercenary in front of me and so I did. A sec after she joined the party Shio was back. We tried to grind the blue wolves in the cave but got overruled so we went back to train. After a short party chat we realized that we were after the same quest but in the wrong cave. XD Since I need to off we decide to party next day. (I was happy for that and to be honest I didn't fully believed those word, a bad experience I earned from earlier games -_-;) Next day went I come online the first thing I got was their message to me: "You are late." , "We are waiting for you.", "Let's party". I was actually surprised and happy. Since that day we always be in party every time we were online. About 2 weeks after we created our guild and named it "OshikoberO" (finally version). The guildname was based of our name: "shi" from Shioru, "ko" from my character name Neko and "ber" from Lacky's character name. Through this guild I got to meet and befriendly with many wonderful and nice friends and guildmembers. But sadly about half year ago, due to some circumstances, the guild was disbanded. :(

Like I said early even the game die the friendship and the memories will stay forever! ^^

Until we meet again! Mata ne!