Friday, June 18, 2010

The Result of Love Questions

It feels like ages ago I asked those questions but now it is time to post the result. The results are not 100% true because number of participants are very low. It is up to yourself to take conclusion. :)

Question 1
"If u are in love with someone, who already is together with someone, but u dont know it. What will you do?"

A) You want that someone to hide the true from you.
B) You want to know the true.

9.1% chose A
90.9% chose B

Comments from participants:

  • How about a C? Where you hint to the other person you want to know the truth and that you will be only mad about it for a short period and you will still be friends with that person.
  • Even when you know that he/she already have might as well dont trust it as you have been in love with him/her. Or you might hoping that it's not true.
  • It is better to find out from the person that you like, then to get involved with them even more and find at later. Either way it will hurt, but knowing before you are in love with them is a lot easier and doesn't leave as many permanent scars.
  • I would pick C. It is better to be hurt earlier on rather than being hurt of being told a lie. Especially after you spent quite a long time with that person. Well, it still depends on that person if she or he isn't too selfish and not to let the special someone go.

Question 2
"Person B is in love with You (your bf/gf), without knowing that you (your bf/gf) are in relationship. How will you do? (Will your option be different if person B is a friend or if B is unknown?)"

A) You hide it from B.
B) You tell B the true.

40% chose A
60% chose B

Comments from participants

  • If you are in a relationship and someone likes you, then you should be honest with them and let them know that you are in a relationship and that their feels toward you should stop. And if they can't maintain a platonic friendship with you then you will no longer be able to be friends. I would also let my partner know so there is no misunderstanding in the future if things should get back to them.
  • I'd tell person B the truth. Don't see the point in hiding it unless you wanna cheat with B...which is the worst option in my opinion..

That is all. I hope you will find your own decision. See you again next time. :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back Alive!

Hi Everyone!

I am finally back, alive, after a long study season. :D looks like my head is still busy.....hahahaaha
Anyway, my long awaited Summer Holiday is soon HERE!!! XDD
But still need to wait for about 2-3 more weeks. :(

My head is full of stress....a typical sign: vapidness. I were totally absent although I were talking.
I think i need to rest....I NEED THE VACATION!!!

OK, please come back later..maybe I will be in better state! hahaha