Monday, February 15, 2010

Neko's boring day ~_~ *yawn*

What a blessing weather, nice and not really full sun but still okey. I am taking a break from school today :P (it is new year XD....ok it is just an excuse to cut class...please dont follow this, chidren! ;P ) Anyway it is plan to be a playing day, waaahh floing >.<.....but unfortunately the internet problem and later mother want the pc :(
So after browsing around in the big big cyber world and facebook, I ended here. Hahahaha I am going to share my boredom with you, muwahahahaha ....(hmm how to make a evil emotion...hmm???)

By the way how did everyone have it yesterday, in the Valentine's Day and maybe for some of you, the New Year celebration? How was mine? haha the New Year celebration here, i am a chinese but is living in Europe, was like usually. Many delicious dishes and vegeterian foods too XD. Vegeterian curry with rice was and is still GREAT ^^.

The Valentine's day, yea..a day for awareness of that you are single ~.~, hahaha but I did take it easy like always and a bit happier becuase it was New Year at the same time. ^^

All my brooding was away on that day but first after had thinking about it in the night before the day. It was and is so nice to have a solution, a decision. I will return to be myself and feel happy everyday ....hahaha that was what I had decided.

Hey know what, if you just laugh a few minutes afterward you will be laughing for real. I had test it and the opposite by an accident. Hahahahaha...I am not crazy, am I. HAhahaha I like the words that I said yesterday, and I want to share it with you.

"Be happy by think happy, then feel Happy!"

Thanks for passing by, now time to floing again XDDD

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