Monday, March 1, 2010

The Lost Cat(?)

Today's morning was all nice, shinny but snowy, but still okey. I got myself up and went (travelled by train and bus) to school (skiped 3 days last week for homestudy..but ...nvm). I was cleared in mind to focus on my project work, and I did work most of the time ^^. Outside? Still snowing, storm again?

Exactly 5pm I went to the bus stop outside my school. Something was wrong! The bus didn't show up after 30minutes. Heard from other travellers that all buses were cancelled. :((
"If you want to go home, you got to walk." So I walked to travel centre, since I seldom walk the path between school and the station, I went a detour -_-; and lost 15 minutes of my time. I were and still am thankful for those who put up those way signs, otherwise I would be lost a longer time.

After about 1 hour from the time I started from school I finally reached the travelcentre. So lucky the trains were not cancelled like last week and I was 2 minutes there before the train came. ^^

So totally I was late home for about 1 hour (45 minutes walk + 15 minutes detour).

Hurray for the waysigns!
Hurray that I got the information about the disposed tours!
Hurray that I didn't misheard about the cancelled tours! ( which probably would decrease my mood -_-)
Hurray that I was in time for the train!
Hurray that the trains weren't cancelled !

Hahahaaha.. You can say I was having luck in unluck! XD
(hope the tours will be normal, tomorrow)

Thanks for passing by, See you again ^^/´

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